Augmented Reality x AI artworks: my symbiotic relationship with technology (2022)

So let me tell you about the one where I created a series of Augmented Reality x AI artworks to emulate and mirror my symbiotic love-hate relationship with technology!

SOLO work
Role: Prompt engineering, Augmented Reality, Sound design
Software: DALL-E 2, Midjourney, Spark AR, Blender

Stepping out of comfort zone: 🌶🌶🌶

To read about my process of integrating AI x AR as a workflow, read about it here and here

Press: check out my contribution to the AI x Design Community guide on AI images! 

One of the hardest things about experimenting with a new tool is finding the right context in which to use it. The second hardest thing is finding a way to integrate it within your existing processes as a designer / artist.

In June 2022, I was working hard on developing my Spark AR skills as I haven’t sharpened them in a while, and when DALL-E 2 came out and I got access, it gave me a whole n

Currently, I am creating AI artworks using image generators and integrating them into my Augmented Reality artwork to emulate and mirror my symbiotic love-hate relationship with modern technology and juxtaposing it with classical painting styles, a trend which I'm in love with, from generating AI representations of myself in stressful and pressurised environments, to generating worlds which transposes the emerging from the redundant. I have created AR / AI artworks representing an avatar of myself struggling with software bugs, an AI filter which generates AI-luxury handbags that i'll never be able to afford, and a series of Rococo and Flemish isometric environments. 

SkyWorld Renaissance (Spark AR, target tracking filter) 

I generated a world in Midjourney and a Renaissance woman in DALL-E, created and mixed the soundscape in Spark AR. If you scan the painting with your phone, it brings it to life. Flowers are created by Alexandra M Neville on Sketchfab. 

Link to AR filter:
(to view the AR, scan this image with your phone back camera once you opened the filter)

I aim to continue this AR exploration with the canvases below (all generated via DALL-E) :) wish me luck!

Scratch Disks Full (Spark AR, world filter)

I generated a fossilised laptop in DALL-E and transposed it in our world, if you tap and hold, it will trigger a series of software Adobe bugs in the space.  This represents how I view my laptop as an unreliable yet essential partner, friend, child, educator, entertainer. 

Link to AR filter:

Insane in the Brain (Spark AR, face filter)

I created a scene of myself as a 3d avatar, using an AI-generated a fossilised laptop, in a portal, that is inside of my face. I used 3D assets from Sketchfab, took a screenshot of a Photoshop bug, generated my own avatar on Ready Player Me, animated it in Mixamo, then added everything into Spark AR. 

This filter represents how I see my endearing, infuriating, unreliable yet essential laptop that I cherish but simultaenously hate with my guts. The digital assault of bugs is a relatable yet maddening image to us designers. 

Link to AR filter:

Digital Commodity (Spark AR, face filter)

Digital Commodity is a visual result of me responding to the emotions of what would be later revealed as the start of an emotional and productivity burn-out. As I was slowly losing patience and emotional energy, I read a great article by NOEMA mag where they interviewed modern South-Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han on the concepts of overproductivity and burnouts in a world saturated with information circulating and hyperspeed. “Accelerated time without narrative is disorienting our society and fragmenting community” as the article subtitle suggests. 

As a result, the screenshots you see are extracts from Byung-Chul Han’s thoughts and reflections, and I invite you to pause or screenshot the filter at any point to read some of the gems. 

Upon realising that my reflex when burning out was to create work about burning out, I immediately put the pen down and stopped creating work for a minimum of 2/3 weeks after that.

Link to AR filter:

SNGLSS WRLD (Spark AR, face filter)

This filter was inspired by YEEZY x GAP sunglasses which I saw on Instagram and uses a 360 background generated in DALL-E 2. Original 3D sunglasses file which I took from Sketchfab and edited, by Vinigor

Link to AR filter:

AI bags (Spark AR, world filter)

What if DALL-E was my stylist? I generated a series of luxury handbags in DALL-E and transposed them in our world in high fashion shops (Dior, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Gucci). Context brings value after all. Created and mixed the soundscape in Spark AR.

Link to AR filter:

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