So let me tell you about the one where we created an AR treasure hunt in Munich, Germany!

COLLABORATION with Ricebox Studio, 3D by Petter Schölander
Responsive Fashion Institute
Project lead, Augmented Reality design, UX, social media content, research
Spark AR, Illustrator, Photoshop
Exhibited in Central Munich for two months, published in Süddeutsche Zeitung on 30th March.

Stepping out of comfort zone: 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

Brief: Use AR to educate youth in Munich (ages 14-18) on the consequences of fast fashion and sustainability

Our solution: 5 Instagram AR filters with a question each user has to answer

MUCCHASE is a series of 5 AR Instagram filters developed for a digital treasure hunt in central Munich. Each filter contains a QR code and a poster, scannable in 5 locations, and focuses on a different aspect of fast fashion and sustainability.

Our biggest concern was how to educate folks through a simple filter, without cramming it with information. We came up with five questions, translated in both German and English, and each question asks the user to answer to the best of their abilities. For example ‘When you throw your clothes away, where does it go?’

By asking questions, we do not provide an easy, bite-size and forgettable information, instead we invite children to critically look for the answer by guiding them to the resources from the Responsive Fashion Institute.

This was my first time hiring a 3D freelancer for AR filters on Spark AR. This taught me the proper workflow to adapt and optimise 3D work for AR filters, such as file sizes and types, constant back-and-forths between 3D files for testing and previewing effects. The biggest challenge was that this project was the first time we have AR filters be used by groups of students within a curriculum, as opposed to individuals playing around in their homes. This meant the effects had to be work perfectly on all phones so that all students could follow together, so we had to anticipate a lot of user error potentials, ensure all world effects can be deployed on a maximum of devices and to ensure teachers told students to update their apps to anticipate bugs in non-updated apps. 

Social media content - how-to videos