Indulgences (2021-ongoing)

So let me tell you about the one where I use AR to illustrate my shifty moods on period days

SOLO work, music by DANKMUS
Augmented Reality, Illustration
Procreate, Photoshop, Artivive
Exhibited at Superchief Gallery NFT (New York City) and Copeland Gallery, London (Every Woman Bieniale, 2021)

Stepping out of comfort zone: 🌶

Indulgences is a self-obsessed AR series depicting me in my good, bad and neutral period days. Through an ambivalent presentation of comfort, nostalgia, annoyance and pain, I draw on the familiarity of an experience related by anyone who has been blessed with the monthly consequences of shedding their uterus lining, in hopes to weave tongue-in-cheek connections with my fellow menstruators and breaking the stigma on social media.

My piece ‘One of Those Days Man’ can be bought as an NFT at SuperChief Gallery NFT, the first physical NFT showroom in the world for 660 USD, a reserve bid which amounts to the good, bad, ugly and beautiful menstruation days I had to go through in my life so far (as of 2021).

Night Owl ︎︎︎

Are We There Yet? ︎︎︎

I’m Just Gonna Judge Strangers On Reddit For Another Minute ︎︎︎


Rainy Week-End ︎︎︎

Carry On, It’s Just You and Me ︎︎︎

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