Maria tries to understand is my thought dump where I will be logging some things i’m trying to learn, understand and other experiments. 

Disclaimer: I am not a writer. I am a designer by trade. I am not an expert on any of the topics I shall discuss below, I am just curious and I like to experiment + learn. I’m using this platform to log my thoughts, ideas and whatever else comes to mind. Please take what I write with a pinch of salt, and always do your own research. 

Anything I write that might be wrong, please do correct me but be polite about it, thank you!

Stepping out of comfort zone: 🌶🌶🌶🌶

Maria tries to understand:
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

  • AI-generated political scenes with DALL-E 2 [coming soon]

Maria tries to understand:

Maria tries to understand:
Augmented Reality 

  • Experiments with 3D avatars & breaking the fourth screen [coming soon]

Maria tries to understand:
Physical Computing 

Maria tries to understand:
Art and Design 

  • Rediscovering my Vietnamese roots through art + design [coming soon]