Children’s Access to Environmental Justice 

Let me tell you about the one where we helped design 43 reports on environmental justice based in 43 countries

COLLABORATION with Ricebox Studio
Child Rights International Network
Project manager, Web design, HTML/CSS/JS, social media content
InDesign, Squarespace, Illustrator

Stepping out of comfort zone: 🌶🌶🌶

Brief: Design the branding and a design system for the publications using the Art Director’s illustration, and the web pages hosted in the CRIN website with separate branding.

Our solution: A simple, straight forward branding using the colours of the main illustration drawn by Art Director Miriam Sugranyes, a publication template on InDesign which are handed over to the comms team at CRIN and a micro-site with its own branding, hosted on the main CRIN website.

Children and young people have been at the forefront of environmental activism. But how does the law protect their rights? At Ricebox Studio, we were honoured to have been commissioned by Child Rights International Network to design the graphic identity for their project Children’s Access to Environmental Justice, a series of reports that looks at whether the laws and policies in 43 countries around the world make it possible for children to access their environmental rights, and want to start conversations about what needs to improve. Read about the project here

As Safiya and Bristy led on the branding and publication side of things, I led on the website design with Anna Tsuda, where we developed a microsite to host the content, as CRIN wanted this project to be easily accessed yet stand out with its own colours and branding.