Python programming: a drawn explanation of the for-loop statement

Screen recording of one of my first Python Turtle drawings using the For-Loop statement

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on any of the topics I shall discuss below, I am just curious and I like to experiment + learn. I’m using this platform to log my thoughts, ideas and whatever else comes to mind. Please take what I write with a pinch of salt, and always do your own research. I am not a very good writer either, so be prepared to be reading a lot of fluff. 

Anything I write that might be wrong, please do correct me but be polite about it, thank you! 

Date: Friday 24/06/22 but the drawings are from 2019-2020

I was once offered a job as a Python teacher at a university in a BA course.

This happened right after graduating in 2019.

Needless to say that I was horribly unqualified, and the lovely educator who wanted to hire me had a last minute drop-out and needed a tutor to come in a couple days a week to teach their BA students. They were really motivating and had so much trust and confidence in my programming knowledge.

Although they knew that I wasn’t formally trained in programming, they saw me tinkering with an array of various programming languages which I mixed with AR and assumed that I had a strong enough background, and didn’t care for formality. They genuinely thought I had enough experience and basic understanding of programming that I could brush up on my Python properly and become good enough to teach it within a couple of weeks. They even suggested a fantastic online course  called ‘How To Think Like A Computer Scientist’ and said I could learn the basics, and teach whilst learning the more complex stuff. 

It was no surprise that after doing the course for two weeks and shadowing the educator for a single day, I immedietaly turned down the job. I was still horribly unqualified, two weeks later! 

Although I decided not to go for it, I still wanted to continue learning Python. As a quick spoiler, I did not manage to complete it at all and got stuck at the Functions chapter (so early on, I know, it’s embarassing, same thing happened with Javascript, I don’t get functions). 

One of the good things that came out of the course was the realisation that in order for me to truly learn and grasp complex concepts like mathematics or programming, I have to be able to explain it to someone else whilst using metaphors and imagery. If I can’t use a metaphor, then I deem myself to not have understood the concept well enough. That is simply how I learn, and as a result, I actually created short comics breaking down Python concepts, starting with modules! 

How to use a For-Loop statement

FUN FACT: I ended up being asked by UAL Creative Computing Institute to run a one-hour online workshop teaching how to draw with Python to the public. That I was actually qualified for!